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Brewery ( Brasserie de La Lienne )


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Product Description

Aabbaye de Flône, brasserie de la Lienne, Belgium Peak Beer, brasserie C, brasserie Lupulus,you choose, we make it happen! Go behind the scene with the brewers while they reveal all the secrets of beer, embark on a tour of their brewery then take a moment to enjoy their products…

Abbaye de Flône (Amay) : Cuvée Bethanie, Cuvée d’Orjo
Brasserie de la Lienne (Lierneux) : Lienne, Lienne Brune, Lienne Noire, LienneGrandgousier, The Belgian Goat, Woody
Belgium Peak Beer (Sourbrodt) : Peak Blonde, Peak Triple, Peak Myrtille, Peak Brune, Peak Winter
Brasserie C (Liège) : Curtius, Smash C, Black C
Brasserie Lupulus (Gouvy) : Lupulus Blonde, Lupulus Brune, Lupulus Orgnanicus, LupulusFructus, Lupulus Hibernatus, Lupulus Hopera, Lupulus Blanche

Brewing steps

1. Malt milling
2. Malt added to the mash tun (+ hot water), mashing
3. Mash transfer into the lauter tun, lautering
4. Wort transfer into the boil kettle, boiling, hopping
5. Whirlpool, wort cooling during transfer into fermenter,
6. Fermenting and maturation
7. Carbonation or sugar addition
8. Bottling


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